Friday, August 14, 2009

Self-Esteem Campaign

We need a self-esteem campaign nationally. Here's why I think we need one:

--one person with an eating disorder is one too many--and it's estimated that 7 million women and 1 million men have one

--they have tons of ads on TV for how to hate your body, for example, when did not having a lot of eyelashes require medicine? I learned what things were bad to have from magazines and TV (unwaxed eyebrows, hairy legs, hairy armpits, any yellow cast to your teeth, etc.)

--since TV has taught me this, I demand TV to teach me as well how to be happy with who I am, regardless if I do or do not meet the many requirements of beauty.

--almost every woman friend I have ever met thinks they're too fat, regardless of size

This ain't healthy! Sharing how much we hate our bodies is a discussion I will not take part in anymore. No more body hating.

Let me know if any of you know about a self-esteem campaign. If there isn't, then this blog will be the beginning of one.

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