Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I miss trampolining more than any activity. So far, the Chileans have not caught on to trampolines, although I did see one in a park in Santiago. Unfortunately, I think it was for tiny kids and not for me.

If you live in San Jose or Sacramento, I recommend trying Sky High Sports. It's a trampoline warehouse for kids and adults. The adults can attend an hour of air-robics--an hour of aerobics on the trampoline.

My friends and I would drive an hour from Livermore after work to attend--it was THAT much fun.

If you can't find a trampoline center, try a personal trampoline. According to Fay Roberts, trampoline coach, "the trampoline is the second fastest calorie burner and an ULTIMATE complete body workout," but more than that silly weight loss message, it's just a lot of fun, which is really more important to FunFitFoodies!

So if you're bored with walking and want something that feels a lot like flying, step on a trampoline.

Oh yeah, and make sure to read about safety on the trampoline. This one's for kids, but it would work for you too.

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