Friday, April 23, 2010

Research for my book

Lately I've been really thinking a lot about food, mainly because I'm researching scientific studies for my exercise book I'm eternally writing. And, I've found more and more that we all have so much information, contradictory information to sort through. In the end, we should trust our own instincts, stop shelling out money to advertisers who tell us we look bad, and enjoy food and movement.

But I, like so many others, am also very vulnerable to magazine and TV images of what I am trained to consider "perfect". I get all wrapped in it. It takes a while to back my brain down from the "come on, let's just try to lose five pounds or workout harder" ledge.

But for me, it's so much more important to work on healthy body image, healthy and fun choices in food and exercise than to have the perfect body. Plus, I feel like I do have a pretty awesome body.

Check out this article in Bust. It refers to this New York Times article.

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