Friday, May 29, 2009

Delectable-est Cake in Santiago

I am in love. Nevermind that I'm in love with a 4-layer chocolate manjar cake. Love is love, and you can't deny your feels when they happen. If you ever come across a Juan Valdez coffeeshop while strolling along Avenida Providencia near Pedro de Valdivia in Santiago, you should step inside for a moment to fall in love.

For almost $4, you get this:

Pair this cake with a latte and you've got yourself the perfect combination for a tryst.

The cake begins with a thick layer of fudge icing that covers all three sides, including the point of the triangle (I find this the best touch). Then follows all those layers: cake, icing, cake, manjar, cake, icing, cake.

I recommend you eat it so that each time you cut off a slice to eat, you angle your fork so that you get every layer. The combination is like a eating a piece of fudge, a brownie and a scoop of manjar all at the same time. It is the only cake I've ever eaten where I didn't want a side of ice cream too. A shining star all on its own.

The wonderful maker of this cake is Avenue Du Bois located in Santiago, an exclusive French pasteleria. I just say, thank you, thank you, thank you for Avenue Du Bois!

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