Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting Back to the Chispa (spark)

Have you ever just felt off-kilter? Like you're going through the motions of your life but you don't feel entirely like yourself?

Perhaps it is just the reaction I've had lately. I've been living in Chile for a year and a half now. Lately, it's been hard. The whole thing has been hard, but this is a different kind of a difficulty. I've lost my spark.

I've been making up jokes in Spanish to push my mind toward funny things. I also recently went back to a Bikram Yoga class. It helped tremendously. If you're ever feeling down or confused, I highly recommend this type of yoga. It is so engaging that you really can't think about anything else except the present moment. It's hot yoga so be warned--you'll sweat a lot! You might not resolve your problem right away but you'll feel at least calmer about not knowing the solution.

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